dekton worktops

What is Dekton?

Dekton is a modern mixture of over 20 natural minerals. This compound material, created by PST (particle sintering technology) emulates the metamorphic changes of nature into a process of only a few hours.

Created by Cosentino, this innovative sintering process gives Dekton distinct physical advantages. The ultra compact structure makes Dekton viturally non-porus and without the existence of microflaws & weaknesses in present in some stone surfaces. This unique material is available in a wide range of textures and colours, combined with different texturing of polished, matt, and textured finishes.

All Dekton surfaces come with a 10 year guarantee direct with Cosentino.

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Available Colours & Textures

Advantages of Dekton

The structural density of Dekton is a breakthrough in engineering. Its combined qualities make it an ultra sophisticated material for busy everyday life, capable of creating spaces that make the preparing of food, day after day, a pleasant experience that precedes the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends or family.

The Dekton range provides a huge range of light and dark worktop finishes. All these finishes provide the same excellent physical properties:

High UV Resistance
Stain Resistant
Scratch Resistant*
High Heat and Impact Resistance
Ultra Low water absorption
Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor applications
* Dark XGloss surfaces require more careful surface maintenance and care.

The polished XGloss finishes provide additional benefits of a high glossy shine and total water repellence.

Advantages of dekton worktops

Thickness & Size

Dekton surfaces are available in 3 thicknesses: 8mm, 12m &, 20mm. Slabs are available in the largest size of 3200mm x 1440mm.*

*Zenith, Aura15, Kairos, Entzo, Halo, Tundra, Fiord & Glacier have a maximum size of 3170 mm x 1420 mm

Dekton Slab size
Dekton Slab Finish

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